Sperre has intensified its commitment to coolers

5. November 2012

The Sperre group group has intensified its commitment to coolers by establishing a new company, Sperre Coolers AS. The company was established on 1 January 2012 to dedicate resources to the development, sale and production of heat exchangers for the marine market. Sperre Mek. Verksted AS wholly owns the new company.

"Sperre has delivered coolers for the marine market since the early 1970s. We aim to revolutionize the market for cooling of ships by introducing two unique solutions challenging the competition in plate coolers and box coolers. Our coolers have the potential to change the industry's perception of how maintenance-friendly marine coolers can be," comments Managing Director Rune Myklebust at Sperre Coolers.

The product portfolio for Sperre Coolers consists of the existing shell and tube heat exchangers, as well as the newly developed Sperre Pleat coolers and Sperre Rack coolers. Manufacture of all the products will initially take place at the existing premises at Ellingsøy in the municipality of Ålesund, Norway.

"We are focusing on the marine sector, and expect strong growth for our new cooler ranges. We also expect that marketing and growth of the Sperre Pleat and Sperre Rack range will have a positive impact on our existing shell and tube cooler range," says Rune Myklebust.

The Sperre Rack central cooler ( www.sperre.com/rack) has been developed in cooperation with STX OSV. The solution is specifically designed for offshore vessels, and primarily competes with box coolers. The Sperre Rack cooler frees space in the engine room like box coolers and provides constant cooling like plate coolers, with unique maintainability.

The Sperre Pleat coolers ( www.sperre.com/pleat) primarily compete with traditional plate coolers. The new Sperre Pleat cooling technology offers the benefits of conventional plate coolers, with one major difference: exceptional ease of maintenance. Two strong patents protect the Sperre Pleat coolers. Sperre Coolers AS has the exclusive rights for the sale of Pleat coolers to the marine market.

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