Solving the challenges of seawater cooling

6. September 2012

The new Sperre Pleat cooling technology offers the benefits of conventional plate coolers. But there is one major difference: ease of maintenance. With the Sperre Pleat cooler, Sperre has solved the cleaning challenges related to seawater as a cooling source. This helps to increase operational reliability for the vessel, and enables a more efficient and problem-free working day for the crew.

"Seawater is a very stable and reliable cooling source in marine cooling, but it presents major cleaning challenges. Seawater quickly leads to fouling of the cooling system, and so it is important to design for simple and effective maintenance operations," says Rune Myklebust, Managing Director at Sperre Coolers AS.

Unique ease of maintenance required

"Lack of maintenance friendliness is the biggest problem with today's plate coolers. It means high costs as well as considerable time and use of resources for shipping companies. The complexity of cleaning and assembly is so great that a number of shipping companies use expensive service teams to do the job, and they have to plan carefully to avoid problems caused by fouling of coolers. The Sperre Pleat coolers are designed from scratch - purely to solve these substantial problems, and make the task simple for the crew," adds Myklebust.

Increased operational reliability

The Sperre Pleat cooler is especially suitable for cooling critical applications such as propulsion and auxiliary engines. Shipping companies often postpone maintenance of the plate coolers until a problem arises. Because propulsion power is limited to available cooling capacity, this is an undesirable situation. "A Sperre Pleat solution means peace of mind for the shipowner," concludes Rune Myklebust.

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